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Brazil's Purgatory About To Begin

Vejam o que estou dizendo, já há algum tempo, sobre o que falam do nosso país, mais particularmente da campanha eleitoral para Presidente do Brasil 2010. 
O articulista canadense fala com clareza e sinceridade sobre o que está acontecendo em nosso País e os brasileiros, que estão a beira de um abismo sem fundo, ainda não perceberam o perigo a que estão expostos. E cada vez mais a comunidade internacional tem a certeza de que o Brasil tem uma população apática, desinformada, ingênua e facilmente manipulada.

Que pena!

Confiram a matéria:

"My friend, they have found the formula. Give the people a cell phone, cable TV, the "feeling" they are participating in the economy and they won't even think about liberty.

Billions of pawns, the so-called middle-class of China, the "climbing" poor of Brazil, have no idea what the Bill of Rights, the Carta Magna 
was. Their sheer number, like a barbaric horde, will crush the poor 
Americans, the last people in the world who have some remaining tradition of freedom and individual rights. Those Third World nouveau-riche folks will burn the constitution for a new TV, bought in 12 installments with a credit card."

SAO PAULO, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Brazil ruling party candidate Dilma Rousseff surged ahead of her main rival in his home state bastion, a new opinion poll showed on Thursday, as she appeared headed for a mandate-booting outright win in the Oct. 3 
election. Rousseff of Lula's ruling Workers' Party had 49 points in the latest 
Datafolha poll, 20 points ahead of Serra. That compares with her 47-30 lead in 
the previous Datafolha survey released five days ago.

From Our Sao Paulo Bureau (originally posted APRIL 8 
2009, UPDATED Aug. 26 2010, under subhead below "Brazil's Purgatory About to Begin") 

Dear Henry,

After seeing that article with Hitler's police file, see how interesting this other police file is. Dilma Rousseff, the current government Chief of Staff of Lula, a ministerial position, has been chosen by the Worker's Party to follow the (now millionaire) former factory worker Lula to the Presidency. Lula is one of the most corrupt presidents in history and is a tool for the 
Marxists. Rousseff's father was a Bulgarian 

On top of the file: TERRORIST / BANK ROBBER
On bottom:

Profession: Unknown
1967 - agent for the Worker's Politics Movement
06/10/68 - robbery of Banespa bank, Iguatemi Street, $ 80,000
12/10/68 - planned the murder of [American] Capt. Charles Chandler [accomplished in cold blood, in front of his house, his wife and child]
11/12/68 - robbery of Gun Store Diana, Seminario Street, 48 guns [stolen]
??/04/69 - National Liberation Command [another terrorist organization)
24/01/69 - Robbery of Quitauna Arms Depository - 63 FAU rifles, 3 INA guns, 4 munitions.
18/07/69 - Robbery of the Governor Ademar de Barros' house [the money was never recovered]
01/08/68 - Robbery of the Mercantil of Sao Paulo bank.
??/09/69 - VAR Palmares [terrorist organization] Congress in Teresopolis.
20/09/69 - Robbery of the Public Force Police Quarters in Barro Branco.

These people receive substantial allowances for life because they have been arrested. The family of people whom they have killed get nothing at all. She climbed to the top inside the government because she is a Communist.

Another important friend of Lula and a Party director, Jose Dirceuwas also a terrorist and was trained in Cuba [a traitor of Brazil, really]. Dirceu was the head of the worst corruption 
scheme in the history of Brazil and is still free and working as a "consultant" 
in the government. (eminence grise). 

All the machine of the government has been put at Dilma's support. She goes to every inauguration of projects and is exalted by Lula. 

This is the kind of people who are being used by the New World Order to enslave us. I leave a warning, especially for the American leftists who like Chavez and Castro: Obama, pal of William Ayers, is not far from these guys.

Is this what is in store of the US? 


(Left, Dilma, after the makeover) 

The sad fact about the next election in Brazil is that it will not be decided based on principles or values. Nobody cares if Dilma Roussef murdered or 
robbed. It is just populism in the cruelest form.

She is Lula's lady. Poor people have benefited a little from the end of inflation, and they forgot that this situation was inherited by Lula.

What is interesting is that the Worker's Party is neither Communist nor the helper of workers. IBGE, the main statistical institution in Brazil, has just released the information 
that illiteracy in Brazil increased during Lula's reign. Basic 
sanitation is in the same level as it was at the time of his coronation.

50,000 Brazilians die violent deaths, most caused by 
guns and drugs smuggled into the country by the FARC Marxist terrorists, allies 
of Lula. Who cares? I have a 
cell phone and tv set. The next World Cup will be in 

On the other hand, the Federal Development Bank (BNDS) has received this year US$ 100 BI to lend to large corporations, in order to "buy" their good will towards the government during the election year. The capitalists get the money for 3,5% to 7%, while the government pays 10% to 12% for the banks. Itaú bank had the largest 
profit of any bank in the Americas, including the ones in the 

Other acts of largesse of the government include the distribution of TV and radio licenses to 
capitalists and politicians, a TV network for the union leaders  
(who take one day of salary from the workers and can't be audited - Lula forbid it) and the definition of the targets of investment of the pension funds from state companies, in the order of hundreds of billions of dollars.

They can make you or break 

(Left, Marxists fraternize) 
This is a fascist economy, in its purest definition. Mussolini would be proud.

It is hard for the common folk to understand how Communism has changed from a social utopia to this raw fascism. The reason is that they retain the old veneer in cultural causes, such as free abortion, gay marriage, globalism, ecological radicalism, etc. Just like in China, they tell you how to live your private life. Censorship or "media control" is in Dilma's agenda, as it is in full course in Argentina and Venezuela today. The 
fiscal privacy of Dilma's opponents has been broken with no 
consequences. Basic constitutional rights are worth nothing to the 
Worker's party, and they are challenging property rights. A bunch of communist peasants, all funded and led by professional 
agitators, will invade farms, kill people (as they do now) and the issue will be 
decided by popular acclamation, in a 

We are being prepared to be pawns of the world government.

I predict rough times ahead for Brazil. Dilma is incompetent and stubborn. Brazil's 
public debt has almost tripled and is about to explode, due to to the high 
interest rates. The boom in the exportation of minerals and 
agro-commodities that gave Lula's popularity such boost can end anytime, especially if a heavy crisis hits the dollar. The taxation level in Brazil is one of the highest in the world, at 40,5% and bureaucracy, with 85 different taxes in the last count, is astronomical. They won't be able to raise tax anymore to support the do-nothings employed in the government and the corruption.

When the government crashes, the social aids that supported Lula's popularity will be at risk. Without the booming exports, there will be fewer jobs, and it is possible that we see riots and protests. Things have always been too easy in this country, where food grows even in a crack in the sidewalk. Perhaps it is time for Brazilians to mature from suffering.

PS: Dilma is not Bulgarian, her father was. He fled his country because he was a 
communist activist. Surprisingly (?), in Brazil he was a 
capitalist and very rich. Dilma had a very bourgeois life, living in a 
large house and studying at private schools. It is always good to belong to the Communist elite. 

Original no site 

2 comentários:

  1. Primeiro pensei em comentar falando de como eu gostava de seu blog que me trazia iluminação com boas palavras de sabedoria.
    Depois pensei em comentar tentando "dar um toque" pra dizer que esse tipo de matéria sem fontes e de cunho preconceituoso degrinem a imagem de pessoas referidas e também a credibilidade dos autores.
    Agora percebo que a elogiada sabedoria não é tão sábia assim e tenta jogar máculas sobre assuntos completamente distantes dessa realidade apresentada.
    No fim, acabou a admiração. Sinto-me enganado.
    Obs: Não sou petista, apenas tento ter bom senso.

    Vitor Alves
    Distrito Federal

  2. Tenho que concordar com o comentário de Vitor Alves, sou professor universitário e pesquisador e como tal não posso aceitar qualquer texto sem conhecer aquele que escreve. Texto que denigrem a imagem de quem quer que seja sem provas ou simplesmente para tirar vantagens disto são desprezíveis e não merecem ser lidos. E aqueles que propagam tais texto são tão desprezíveis quanto os próprios textos.



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